Our Café. Our Home.


This café wasn’t always a dream of ours, but it is now! I’m Jaime Vermillion, Owner of Sweetea’s. In 2017, a formal tea room was up for sale and doors began to open for our family. What started out as a simple conversation, led to analyzing reports, praying and huge life changes for my 3 kiddos and I. I left a career in media after 15 years and our family moved forward full-throttle. We purchased Sweetea’s, moved school systems and found a home near the shop. We spent many late nights at our new business painting walls, installing displays and putting our own stamp on things. Our family had to learn about tea and coffee. (What? All tea leaves come from the same plant?!) And the rest is history!

My main motivation in purchasing Sweetea’s, is for the kids and I to put our backpacks on, metaphorically speaking. We are here to learn life & business skills, while serving our community well. The kids and I have made great friendships along the way and enjoy being part of such a wonderful community. Thanks to everyone who has supported our journey!

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